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Christophe Paysant-Le Roux WM 62in Galactik 90


-- Designed by F3A world champion Christophe Paysant-Le Roux
-- 2013 FAI F3A world championship model
-- For both E power and Nitro power



-- Wing span: 62in/1560mm
-- Length:65.9in/1674mm
-- Weight: 3100-3200g (Battery not included)

Equipment required:

--Motor: 1650-1850W, 400-450g, 5060, A60, brushless outrunner.
-- ESC: 100A
-- Servo: 30g/30MM medium size servos for Ailerons/Elevator; 45-60g/40MM standard size servo for Rudder
-- Battery: 5S 4500-5200mah, 6S 4500-5000mah
-- Prop: 16*12E, 17*10E, 17*12E, 18*10E, 18*12E
-- Nitro engine: YS91, YS110, YS115

Recommended setup I:

-- Motor: Hacker A60 5XS
-- ESC: Hacker X-110 Opto Pro
-- Servo: Futaba BLS173SV*4 for Ailerons/Elevator; Futaba BLS171SV for Rudder.
-- Prop: APC 18*10E
-- Battery: 6S 5000mah 30C

Recommended setup II:

-- Motor: Dualsky XM5060EA-355KV
-- ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3

-- Servo: Futaba 9170SV*4 for Ailerons/Elevator; Futaba S3470SV for Rudder.
-- Prop: APC 18*12E
-- Battery: 6S 5000mah 30C





Christophe Paysant-Le Roux fly shows:


Airplane kit comes with wing bag, fuselage cover and prop cover.
Sun cover is optional, please contact us if you also want it.
(Sun cover is sun and water proof)



Flying video:



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