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Christophe Paysant-Le Roux WM 56in Axiome 70 BP

-- Designed by F3A world champion Christophe Paysant Le-Roux
-- Special construction for E power



-- Wing span: 5
4in (1380mm)
-- Leng
th: 59in (1500mm)
-- Wing area:
51.9sq dm
-- Weight:
2150-2250g(Battery not included)

Equipments required:

-- Motor:
1250-1350W, 300-350g, 5050, 4020, bushless outrunner.
-- ESC:
-- Servo: Elevator/Rudder:
30mm/30g medium size servos*2; Ailerons: 20mm/15g micro servos*4.
-- Battery:
5S 4000-4500mah, 6S 2600-3300mah; Weight at 450-550g
-- Prop:

CPLR test fly setup:

-- Motor:  Hacker A50-14XS
-- ESC:  Futaba MX970A
-- Servo:  Futaba S3156*4/ailerons; Futaba S9650*2/elevator/rudder
-- Prop: APC 15*8E
-- Battery:
5S 4500

-- AUW at 2830g

Recommended setup II:

-- Motor: Dualsky XM5050EA-9/480KV
-- ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 80A
-- Servo:
Futaba S9650*2 for Elevator/Rudder; Hitec HS-65MG*4 for Ailerons
-- Prop:
JXF 15*8E
-- Battery: Fullymax 6S
3300mah 35C

-- AUW at 2700g




Airplane kit comes with spinner and wing bag:

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