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WM 94in MX2

-- Newest design and construction
-- For both gas power and electric power
-- Light weight and best 3D performance



-- Wing span: 94in/2400mm
-- Length: 92in/2350mm
-- Weight: 8.9-9.1KG (flying weight)

Equipments required:

-- Engine/Motor: 60-70CC gas engine; 5000W class electric motor
-- ESC: 130-160A HV (if run with electric)
-- Servo: 50-70g, 20kg/cm or above, digital, metal gear
-- Battery: 12S 5000-6000mah (if run with electric)
-- Prop: 23*10, 24*8, 24*10, 25*8
-- Spinner: 4in/101mm
-- RX battery: 2S 1800-2200mah lipo
-- Spinner: 4in Carbon fiber or Aluninium

Recommended setup I:

-- Engine: DA60
-- Servo: Hitec HS-7954SH*6
-- Prop: JXF 23*10
-- RX battery: 2S 2200mah lipo
-- 4in CF spinner

Recommended setup II:

-- Motor: Dualsky GA6000 electric motor
-- ESC: Dualsky 130A HV
-- Servo: Hitec HS-7954SH*5
-- Battery: Dualsky 6S 4950mah 25C*2
-- Prop: JXF 24*8 
-- RX battery: 2S 1800mah lipo
-- 4in CF spinner
Color scheme A: 
94in and 78in together:


Ido Segev demo flight shows in 2015 China 3D Top Show:





Color scheme B-- DODO scheme:







Ido Segev's demo flight video in 2015 CTS event:



Ido Segev's demo flight video in 2016 CTS event:



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