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SegevDesign WM 70in Humongous

-- Designed by EXFC champion DODO Ido Segev
-- Balsa+Composite unique construction
-- Special construction for electric power


-- Wing span: 70in/1780mm
-- Length: 72in/1820mm
-- Weight: 3600-3800g (Battery not included)

Equipment required:

--Motor: 2000W, 450-500g, brushless outrunner.
-- ESC: 100A
-- Servo: 3pcs 50-70g, 10kg/cm or above, metal gear for aileron and rudder;
               2pcs 30g mini servos for elevator
-- Battery: 6S 4500-5000mah
-- Prop: 19*10E, 19*12E, 20*8E, 20*10E
-- Spinner: 5in Alu spinner is included in the kit

Recommended E setup:

-- Motor : DualSky XM6350EA-9/370KV
-- ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3
-- Lipo: Dualsky XP49506HED 6S 4950mah 25C
-- Prop: JXF 19*10E
-- Servos: JR PROPO DS8925HV(17.8kg/0.06sec)*3; JR PS3711HV*2



Color scheme in Orange:

(5in Alu spinner coming with the kit will be in black color)


Color scheme in Purple:


Inside the fuselage:


70in and 78in Humongous:


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